002 The Flipside Bitcoin News – Moolah Bankruptcy, Robocoin PR Disaster, Dorian Nakamoto Sues & more

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Episode 02:

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin is finally released, reaching #1 on iTunes for documentaries.

Dorian Nakamoto Sues Newsweek.

Jamie Dimon, chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase says Bitcoin developers “are going to try and eat our lunch”.

In an odd headline, Simon Rockman of The Register makes fun of Richard Branson’s beard, investor in Blockchain.

Moolah goes bankrupt or does it? CEO Alex Green resigns, or does he? Who is Alex Green?

Robocoin suffers a PR Disaster with Reddit giving the CEO Jordan Kelley a flogging.

Super Nintendo Benjamin Lawsky spoke about amendments to the current bitlicense proposal saying software development and mining will be exempt.