23 minutes today could be 23 Million tomorrow | Forget bitcoins | New Currency (in Urdu) P1

23 minutes today could be 23 Million tomorrow | Forget bitcoins | New Currency | Cryptocurrency | GCCCoin | GCC Coin

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23 minutes today could be 23 Million tomorrow | Forget bitcoins | New Currency | Virtual currency

A NEW revolutionary Digital Currency is Born!

WHAT Is a Crypto Currency?
The GCC coin is a crypto currency – a twenty-first century approach to money. The electronic one, with a real value, and practically anonymous.

WHAT IS The GCC coin?
The GCC coin is a crypto currency that introduces a new payment system with completely digital money. It is a decentralized peer-to-peer payment network that is powered by its users with no central
authority. From a user perspective, The GCC coin is virtual money for daily use.

What is ECOSYSTEM 24?
Ecosystem 24 is expected to become the largest network of websites created to allow people to buy products and services using our Cryptocurrency – The GCC coin. All of the 24 websites are integrated with each other in order to make the purchasing and navigation easier. Don’t waste your time on logging on different
portals. All you need is one account to use all of them. We want GCC crypto currency to be used for your daily shopping, such as buying a cup of coffee or take-away food.
We believe that within next few years, our digital currency will become the primary form of payment for many people.

WHAT IS 3D printing?
It is a technology of making three-dimensional objects of any shape or geometry from a digital file. It is also called “additive manufacturing”.

What are the advantages of TheGCCcoin concept?
The GCC coin system is profi table to everyone. All your purchases and created value of units will be automatically converted into Personal Volume (PV). By expanding your own network, and inviting new people to the system, you get organization and
additional bonuses. As a Network Marketing business we use the power of personal recommendation to promote our products and services.
So invite your friends and experience financial freedom together!
The People’s Money!

Crypto currency & money exchange
GCC in co-operation with others will start placing ATMs to deposit traditional money to exchange for GCC coins in your digital wallet on your phone. It will also be possible to change GCC coins from your digital wallet to traditional money, so that you can withdraw regular currency.
You can buy and sell several cryptocurrencies, like BitCoin, LiteCoin or GCC and exchange them to regular money (fiat currencies) and withdraw them from ATMs.

WHAT Is network marketing?
People are the most important value for any company that pursues its goals. In Network Marketing we help and assist others in running their business.

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23 minutes today could be 23 Million tomorrow | Forget bitcoins | New Currency | Digital currency