25 Jan, ’19: JP Morgan says bitcoin is worth less than cost of mining, Buy watch with BCH

DAILY CRYPTO NEWS: 25 January, ’19 (https://coinage.com)
JPMorgan Believes Bitcoin Is Worth Less than Cost of Mining. Read the full story here: https://coingape.com/jpmorgan-believes-bitcoin-worth-less-than-cost-mining/

Major Fancy Watch Dealer in Japan to Start Accepting BCH. Read the full story here: https://coingape.com/watch-dealer-japan-accepting-bch/

Messari Research on XRP’s Market Evaluation Leads Threat Calls. Read the full story here: https://coingape.com/messari-research-xrp-leads-threat-calls/

A Single Trader Has Made Nearly Half of All Augur Profits Since Inception. Read the full story here: hhttps://coingape.com/trader-made-augur-profits-since-inception/

What Venezuela’s Power Struggle Could Mean for the Petro and Cryptocurrency. Read the full story here: https://coingape.com/venezuela-power-struggle-petro-cryptocurrency/

It’s Not Bitcoin, It’s Global & Government Debt Hitting All-Time High (ATH). Read the full story here: https://coingape.com/global-government-debt-hitting-all-time-highs/

New Ransomware Attacks Gamers, Demands Dash. Read the full story here: https://coingape.com/ransomware-attacks-gamers-demands-dash/

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