($400) – BITCOIN IS BACK – Free BTC Contest

What’s up everyone! It’s been too long since my last Bitcoin video so here you go! This is a short Bitcoin update video for December 2015 where I look at the recent events of Satoshi Nakamoto being named as the founder of Bitcoin as well as the insane price increase. The past few weeks have been exciting and you can see how people and the media are now once again, talking about Bitcoin (even though it hasn’t gone anywhere). The price has been hovering around the $200 dollar mark all summer but finally has gained some upward momentum. If you want to buy and sell bitcoin like me, coinbase may be a good solution for you! All in all, had a great time making this video for you guys and I really hope you enjoy it.

Also, another free bitcoin giveaway contest just to keep things fun and entertaining. The contest will end on December 25th, 2015 and the winner will be the user with the most likes on their comment-so get to voting peoples comments and good luck!

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Shout-out to Darathy Chheang for the music – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEPjLqjhLY6WeiNdDodoU5w

Thanks for watching everyone!