Alan Tsen, co-organiser of Bitcoin Melbourne – The underlying value of Bitcoin

Alan Tsen, is the co-organiser for Bitcoin Melbourne, a Bitcoin community/meetup and writes for ‘The Week in Bitcoin’.

Here’s are running podcast highlights:
[00:00] Intro & how I met Alan Tsen
[04:40] Bitcoin incentivisation (ie ZapChain)
[05:20] Explain the concept of Bitcoin to your mum
[10:00] The secret of adoption, the ‘showpiece’ of Bitcoin
[11:00] *Special News Segment: This week in Bitcoin*
[17:00] A blockchain debate
[37:40] What is the underlying value in Bitcoin?
[41:10] 3 tips on how to use Bitcoin
[48:25] Join a community to learn more about Bitcoin

Geek Show’n’Tell:
[27:00] Game: How fast can we send Bitcoin around
[32:30] Ledger wallet
[38:40] CoinJar & the hedge account

Q* – Question from an audience

[22:20] Q*: Can you make money mining?
[24:40] Q*: How excited are you about the 1Million investment w. Open Bazaar?

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