Anonymous – 中本哲史 Satoshi Nakamoto Bitcoin Announcement Wall Streets 2016 Secret (Breaking News)

Satoshi Nakamoto:

Satoshi Nakamoto’s msg:

‘Citizens of the world, we are seeing the biggest advancement in currency history. Financial empires of the world are starting to crumble against digital currency. This is what humanity needs, a coin lifestyle, freedom of choice utilising peer to peer currency. Financial institutions and governments no longer will control our dealings, our money. This digital currency has created millionaires and billionaires that started with nothing, many being born in quick secession. We need to protect ourselves and each other from another wall street financial crisis. This is the answer. Here you’ll find the leaked secrets from Wall Streets Business insiders.

In the last 100 years six disruptions such as TV, Internet, Email, Mobile, E-commerce, and Social Media have created 1,000’s of multi-billion dollar industries. It’s our prediction the 7th Disruption, digital currency, will topple these. This is the opportunity of 2016 for you and of your life.

Education of digital currency will lead to mass adoption and 100’s of millions of people. Around the world society will no longer need the US dollar as the reserve currency. Timing is crucial and the only constant in life is change. Adopting and utilising this system quickly is essential. You are the 5% of the world that has now heard of this form of money, and the other 95% need to know and adapt.’

Satoshi Nakamoto: