ANX Bitcoin Debit Card Description

Translation: Its great to buy bit coins, keep them in your wallet. However, Some may face the following issues: could be difficult to acquire bit coins, their storage and security. Here I will tell you about the debit cards issued by ANX. What r the global issues? Ok, my favorite Coin telegraph.. Innovations will define who is the leader in the next couple of generations. Innovations will tell how they adapt to current market and how good the innovations are. One of the largest problems in bit coin — bit c it is not popular crypto currency and for those who wants to use it or exchange it to the regular currency. ANX thinks that they solve this issue by issuing a bit coin debit card which can be used as a traditional credit card payment instrument. Ken L. sais that prepaid card are vital in the every day finance situation. He also thinks that it is good to step outside of the traditional financial market borders and bring some innovations for our clients. BC prepaid debit card allows their clients to transfer money easy as the traditional credit cards. This is how it looks like. It supports various currencies. This card can be used on line, pay groceries as well as use ATM worldwide.

Debit card special characteristics:

Clients can pay via this card consumables on line/ retail stores;
Withdraw cash — in over 200 countries;
Add funds via bit coins and support 10 main currencies.

The company was founded in 2013 and grew once went public to stock exchanges worldwide. One of the main innovations are their first in their field whose Bit coins can be used in retail. New card is ready to any client of ANX who have gone thru security verification process on line and have accounts. You can go to their web site. Web site looks like this, trading platform is right here. This platform is the user friendly and linked to Google/app store with I phones. Apps are great in general. Russian speaking costumers are not adapted yet but its just a beginning so welcome to criptomoney world! Please advertise to everybody you know. It is definitely a new dimension in the currency world.