Around the World with Bitcoin – #LifeOnBitcoin

We (Austin and Beccy Craig) are newlyweds living the first 90 days of our marriage using bitcoin. Our experiences will be featured in an upcoming documentary film: Life On Bitcoin.

We are thrilled to announce a trip around the world on bitcoin as part of our documentary film!

Trip dates: October 12th – November 3rd

Week #1: We will drive across the United States from our home Provo, Utah to New York City with multiple cities in between.
Week #2: We will fly to Europe and specifically visit the glorious cities of Stockholm, Sweden and Berlin, Germany
Week #3: We will fly from Berlin to Singapore and spend a week in Asia
November 3rd: We will arrive back in Salt Lake City having circled the globe and paying for the trip with the world’s first decentralized, digital currency, bitcoin!

Get to know the sponsors featured in this travel announcement:

KnCMiner Builders of leading edge Bitcoin ASIC Miners for a secure and distributed decentralized global Bitcoin network. Special thanks to Sam Cole. where you can book over 300,000 map-searchable hotels located all over the world at fantastic rates – and now payable in bitcoin. Special thanks to Gregor Amon.

Five Star Auto Direct, where they proudly claim “We treat you better than any other dealer.” Five Star Auto Direct offers quality pre-owned cars, trucks and SUVs which are thoroughly inspected and tested in-house. An honest, no pressure staff is ready to help. And if you are paying in full at the time of sale, they are setting up for you to pay in bitcoin. Special thanks to Roger Comstock.

Other major backers on Kickstarter and in Bitcoin who deserve special recognition are:

John Pestana, Co-Founder Omniture, Now with and Edge Creek Properties, Executive Producer
Christian Hsieh – We owe our opportunity to go to Asia to his efforts.
Suzy Batiz, Founder Associate Producer
Jared “Goat” Carty Patron Producer
Garrett MacDonald Patron Producer
Stuart Edge
Mike Caldwell
Jeffrey Tucker and the Crypto Currency Conference

A sponsor page with all the logos and goodies is in the works.

With a project of this scope, every contribution, kind email, tweet, phone call, forum post, story in the press, mention in social media, or link shared matters. Even finding bugs with our website or holding our feet to the fire when we screw up – it all matters. We are just grateful to be a small part of a large global movement and the revolutionary technology which inspires it.

We are not able to adequately express our overwhelming gratitude to over 430 backers on Kickstarter and in Bitcoin (including many anonymous contributions). We couldn’t make this film without you. We are humbled. We are doing everything we can to measure up and to make a great product, sharing our experience and an exploration into the world of bitcoin with as many people as we can.

One of the most rewarding benefits of doing the Life On Bitcoin documentary film project is meeting so many interesting people. The bitcoin community and the wider crypto-currency community are full of people with a passion for the work they do and for improving the lives of others through the free exchange of ideas, products and services. These are fascinating and intelligent people, who love life, and who are working at every turn to spread the message of bitcoin, because they believe it will bring about more independence and a freer world.

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Video shot and edited: Tyler Stevens