#B90X – DAY 7 – Bitcoin Retrospective Week 1

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A retrospective helps us look back at our previous week and remember not only the things we did, but how we can continue to do them and consistently improve.

The word I want you to think about today is: KAIZEN – “continuous improvement.”

Today’s assignment is simple:
1 – Look back at this last week, all 6 days of the #b90x program.
2 – What did you say you were going to do?
3 – Have you forgotten already?
4 – What do you need to continue to remember to do?

Write your comments below. Let’s keep each other accountable for what we say we’re going to do and continuously improve!

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[All investing is speculative. Don’t be a n00b. This isn’t financial advice. Just one man’s opinion of a complex fractal world with infinite variables effecting the system, at exactly the same time.]