Backup Channel on Tribbler, MGTOW, Silver, Bitcoin and Open Marriage

I found an awesome piece of Torrent based software called Tribbler. You can open a channel for MGTOW content but keep your Non MGTOW downloads separate from your channel.
My channel name is VentionMGTOW there and I hope some of you add me as one of your favorite channels. It could be a great backup in case You tube yanks the rug out from under our feet.
Tribbler also lets you stream video if you have a good connection and enough people are sharing the file, so it’s a lot more like you tube than other torrent programs. That way you can watch a small amount of a video and if you don’t like it you can click away to something else. It’s major cool!
I’ve also bought no silver this month. Due to the price drop my bitcoin holdings are now less than my silver holdings so I follow a buy low strategy by buying whichever one is lower. As a result I have more silver and bitcoin than I otherwise would.
Then there’s that video from David Seaman. I’d like you to watch her as she talks about open marriage and see how she doesn’t even consider how much of a raw deal it would be for the man. Observe with MGTOW eyes and if you like, you can comment.