Bill Gates what billionnaires think about bitcoin

If you would like to start to invest a bit in Bitcoins and you don’t really know how to do, and where to buy, which one is the best and most secure platform, follow my advise:
I recommend you to start with Coinbase for many reasons: it is the biggest in the world, and is fully insured: All digital currency that Coinbase holds online is fully insured. This means that if Coinbase were to suffer a breach of its online storage, the insurance policy would pay out to cover any customer funds lost as a result.
The insurance policy covers any losses resulting from a breach of Coinbase’s physical security, cyber security, or by employee theft.
Coinbase holds less than 2% of customer funds online. The rest is held in offline storage. Also, when you start with my link, you will receive 10$ welcome gift in bitcoins once you have purchased or sold at least 100$, and I will also receive the 10$, only 1 time. And also Coinbase is the mother company of GDAX trading platform that does not cover any fee (0%) for limited orders.

I advise you to buy also some other crypto-currencies like Ripple, Ethereum, Monero, ZCash and others. The cheapest platform to buy other crypto currencies with only 0.10% fees or even 0.05%
to invest in ALT-Coins (once you already have bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum), I recommend, that has many advantages: low fees, own BNB crypto to reduce the fees even more by 50%, very fast and reactive, lots of cryptos, start trading 10-20 minutes after registering (needs only 2 confirmations), partnership with NEO to pay dividends, affiliates program etc…
and also (0.10% and 0.09% fees)