Bitcoin, a gold dealers worst nightmare – Financial collapse is coming !

Bitcoin is a digital token(money) that you store on a decentralized network.. where security is kept without the need for violence
and no trust in middle men is needed(it’s p2p) to transact also you can get instant global access to your funds without carrying a 2 ton safe around full of gold or dollars open for governments and thieves to steal. Simply by remembering a key in your head you can access your funds, all you need is an internet connection. So consider how safe is your gold or fiat dollar when it’s “protected” by greedy governments and thieves that in reality at any time can come a take your money to finance evil war only to enrich themselves an enslave you. Bitcoin is a tool to bring down governments and end wars.. A new elite is rising and it’s the Bitcoin people. See you in fiat hell or Bitcoin paradise.. the choice is yours !

NB. I am currently a nearly broke perpetual traveler and freelance web-developer
I wish to write a book about socialism in Scandinavia.. which I believe is falsely being used around the world to promote big government.
These bigger and bigger socialistic governments go hand in hand with feminism which I want to write a book about.
So please donate and help me write this book !!!! – (maybe even give advice on crowd funding)

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