Bitcoin and NVIDIA conspiracy! $250,000 bitcoin incoming!

Chatting nonsense about bitcoin and alt-coins for a bit, nothing in this video is financial advise, probably should listen to it as a podcast. this is my first live stream, i appreciate you taking the time to watch it and i hope you enjoyed it the main topic is talking about the bitcoin and crypto moonshot and conspiracies coming. i also discuss the suppoman thing.
$250,000 bitcoin is coming
Bitcoin and NVIDIA conspiracy DISCUSSED

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I do love a good crypto meme, i hold Ethereum bitcoin NULS HOLOCHAIN ADA and a few others, my dark horse pick is METM but i cant see it doing much unless atomic swap DEX platforms take off
Fake Forex this video is not about fake forex traders or forex at all fort that matter, this video is about calvin ayre who is somewhat a BTCSV loon kist like craig wright, its not about being a bitcoin millionaire but it could well make you a bitcoin millionaire. all you need is one bitcoin!
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Look at all the elements in place right now for Bitcoin. I believe that what be have been told by the CBOE about why they ahve removed futures is a lie. I tied the dots together and i believe it is because they want to launch physically back bitcoin contracts because they bought the bitcoin they needed at 3100. I think something big is coming for Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market, i think we will Hit $10000 very quickly once the button has been pressed. Everything here is so very bullish.