Bitcoin Assaulted By Elite Afraid of Paradigm Shift?

It is time to play the devils advocate, to mend fences and cross the line. I am stepping across to embrace some brothers and sisters that I amy have alienated. I admit my incorrect assessment, I admit my misunderstanding and mistake. I own the fact that I was utterly wrong up until this point in what Bitcoin was and what it would be. $10,000 prove that at least. Whether the value of BTC is $0.06, $1.00 or $10,000 it has some form of value to humans, that much we do know. It is being used as money at times. Today – I used BTC as money. I received it as payment.

Trying to take it all in? Trying to remain open minded? Trying to learn and understand this new era? Welcome to the JUNIUS MALTBY CHANNEL. Please watch the video today and hear what I have to say. Thank you.

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*Addendum (because of this video)

So today I bought a very small amount of gold 1/10th ounce, and a Queens Beast, and an Eagle. Also today I made a video that attempted to make some amends with those here in the crypto community that I have been harsh towards.

Because of that video, I have begun to hemorrhage subscribers, Patreon supporters and those in the stacking community. I have not abandon my championing of metals in any way or abated my fervor for sound money – yet some tend to see it differently.

This channel was never started to appease preconceived notions, or applaud peoples decisions or be a sanctuary for those seeking approval. I try to study, read what I can, research sound money, the news, pass on information, and break down what is happening in this rapidly changing timeline.

Gold is wealth and will always be – as a matter of fact I believe it will gain steam in the near future and one day perform almost as we have seen with BTC lately. Fiat paper is dying. Global debt is choking nations. Yellen herself said this week that the US debt, “Should keep people up at night” (unquote).

I remain highly critical of the cryptocurrency world, however my unceasing researching of it, my reading and time spent discussing this and listening to others has given me a new angle on the topic, a new perspective of crypto.

Your support and those of you who remain Patreons is and are the marrow of this channels bones. Keep stacking. Stay tuned to the most boring channel on youtube. -JM

And remember, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”