Bitcoin “Bloodbath” Coming Because of Tether?

WILL TETHER CRASH BITCOIN? | Is Tether a Mastermind Pump and Dump?

Will Tether crash Bitcoin? Recently there have been a lot of reports claiming that tether is just “Printing” tether coins out of thin air and that these coins are NOT linked or tethered to actual US dollars! There has been concern that As these tether coins that are supposedly linked to dollars pour into the crypto market, it artificially inflates the price of bitcoin.

SO IS TETHER A HUGE SCAM to pump and dump the entire crypto market?

The truth is, there really is no way for us to find out unless tether releases a real audit. And there is no way to know if that will happen. Additionally, if tether is a scam, it is also impossible to determine how much longer it has before it implodes or gets shut down by the US gvmt. Bitfinex/Tether is a US company.
All we can know for sure is that Tether has been increasing the rate at which they print they tokens. Which can only mean that:
1. Millions of dollars a day are being poured into tether,
2. They are printing coins with nothing to back them to artificially pump up the crypto space.

0:03 Tether Scam

0:04 Tether Pump And Dump

0:05 Bitcoin Price Artificially Inflated

0:07 Bitcoin Bloodbath

0:09 Tether Bitcoin Bloodbath

0:11 Tether Bitcoin Crash

0:13 Tether Crypto Crash

0:15 Bitfinex Scam

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0:21 Tether Prints Fake Coins

0:23 Bitfinex Pump and DUmp

0:25 Bitfinex Tether Scam

0:27 Bitfinex Pump and Dump

0:29 Tether Audit

0:31 Bitcoin Crash 80%

0:33 Bitcoin Tether Crash 80%