Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dash All On Sale Today | Buying Opportunity RIGHT NOW

Hey guys, just wanted to get this video out as quickly as possible. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and pretty much all cryptocurrencies with the exception of Ripple are all down today and all on sale.

If you’ve been thinking about getting into Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies and have been waiting for a dip to get in get in NOW!!!

There was actually another dip the other day. Coinbase went down for a few hours. I was able to buy some Bitcoin at under $2500. Within a few hours it was back up to about $2750 or so and now we’re back down.

Basically just wanted to get a video out ASAP. I know some of you may not monitor cryptocurrency markets but maybe you subscribe to my channel and rung that bell so you get notifications of my videos so wanted to let you guys know about this asap.

If anyone’s wondering what cryptos I’m optimistic on and messing with I’m currently into and going heavy on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, XEM, LISK, ARK, STEEM, DASH, GOLEM.

I personally use BitTrex for alt currencies but have been hearing good things about Gemini.

I think the selloff is due to Ethereum sellers taking profits. If it wasn’t for Ether being down I think Bitcoin would still be rising. I think I’m going to pickup a coin or two today on sale.