Bitcoin Faucet Rotator Tutorial – Earn Free Bitcoin Now

Bitcoin Faucet Rotators are websites that make it easy to claim free bitcoins on the web. Faucets give away small amounts of bitcoins called satoshis for completing simple actions like solving a capctcha puzzles or playing games.
Follow this link to try out our free Faucet Rotator and collect some Bitcoin today –
The free bitcoin can be delivered to your bitcoin wallet after you collect the minimum amount. Some faucets ask you to provide an email address along with your bitcoin address, but we have checked all the faucets in our rotator to make sure you won’t get spammed.
The original free bitcoin faucets were a way of circulating the new cryptocurrency so more people would learn about this interesting digital money. Modern faucets are kept afloat by advertising which is why they give out such small amounts. With Pete’s easy faucets you can easily rotate through some of the best high-paying free bticoin faucets out there and collect all your coins in one place. You can cycle through the faucet rotator once a day or as often as once every hour.
Bitcoin faucets are a great risk free way to get introduced to the world of digital currencies. After all, who doesn’t like free money? As more and more large online retailers are starting to accept bitcoin for goods and services there is a chance the price may normalize at a rate higher than it is right now. If you have heard of bitcoin and are curious as to how it works follow the instructions on the first page of the rotator and enjoy these great free faucets.