Bitcoin is a Fraud – What you should know…

*”Bitcoin is a fraud”*, says the CEO of J.P. Morgan. And they used their old school arguments that Bitcoin is related to criminal activities. Isn’t that guy a hypocrite? Bashing on bitcoin and cryptocurrency, even warns that he is going to fire his employees if they are trading bitcoin, but in the meanwhile have partnered with zCash. While bitcoin is pretty open whenever it comes to the ledger, zCash has it’s privacy feature. What kind of fraudulent things do they want to hide from us 😉

And the FUD goes on…

ICO risk warnings coming from Malaysia, UK & Dubai, the central bank of India has some negative thoughts on Bitcoin…
just wonder what FUD news will come out tomorrow.

Other news:
* NEM: LuxTag & the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation
* Ripple: $940 Billion worth of transaction volume between Japan and Korea
* Vietnam & Bitmain on mining

00:23 Market recap
01:01 ICO warnings Malaysia, UK & Dubai
01:34 JP Morgan & Central bank of India’s thoughts on Bitcoin
02:51 Argentina rolls out ATM machines
03:21 NEM LuxTag & Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation
04:23 Ripple cross boarder payments Japan – Korea
04:48 Mining in Vietnam & new Ethereum miners of Bitmain
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