Bitcoin is Forking: UASF – Educate & Prepare – Montreal

Bitcoin embassy + blockchain Montreal joint meetup.
Presentation Slides:

– 18h30: Main Presentation: UASF – Francis Pouliot (for advanced users. Read carefully the description of the event here:

If you are not an advanced bitcoiner we advise you to come only for the second part of the meetup starting at 19h30.


Bitcoin is at a crossroads.

There is a real possibility that the Bitcoin blockchain will be split into two separate chains, for an undetermined amount of time, starting on August 1st 2017.

In addition, there are several Bitcoin upgrade proposals that, in different scenarios, will cause a split in the Bitcoin blockchain if they are implemented by participants in the network.

A split in the Bitcoin blockchain can result, for a certain period of time, in the existence of two bitcoin chains, thus two different but bitcoin currencies (not unlike the difference between ETH and ETC).

If you do not properly understand and prepare, and continue to transact as usual, you are at risk of losing bitcoins.

In addition, if there is a chain split, Bitcoin users will have bitcoins on both chains, and there are opportunities for the risk-seeking well-prepared Bitcoin users to profit.

It is essential that Bitcoin users undersdand and prepare, and I’m here to help!