Bitcoin Law Review – Senate Hearings, ICO ruled security And TokenPay’s Legal Threat

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Topic 1: The two senate hearings:
Financial Services Committee – “The Future of Money: Digital Currency”
Agriculture Committee – Cryptocurrencies: Oversight of new Assets in the Digital Age:
Bitcoin was also mentioned during “Monetary Policy and the State of the Economy” with Fed Chair Powell:
As part of the discussion we can bring up the CFTC Statement:

Topic 2: Will mention Coinbase getting the green light to trade ICO’s deemed security:
but just as a transition to an ICO being deemed a security by a florida judge:
However we will focus on the article written by Sasha:

Topic 3: Speaking of ICO’s being security, i want to discuss TokenPay (TPAY) and their threat to sue me. It all started by me being critical of of them buying 10% of a German Bank (with the ICO proceeds of course & investment from other crypto like Verge) with Lightcoin Foundation as their Advisers. This led me to send out the following tweet storm after I got bombarded with hate comments from everyone to do my research… so I did.
I had no idea it would cause such a major affect on their company… within 24 hours their COO either quit or was fired the next day cause I exposed him as a liar & fraud:
And I dominated their google search for days:
I have 3 screen shots of the company threatening legal action against me. I really want to know how people like me and other journalists/bloggers/researchers should deal with this. We might also take a look at their coin since I’ve done the research to see if it’s a security based on Topic 2.

Topic 4: – If there is time:
Definition of an Accredited investor and why this exists:

See Regulation overview in each state here:

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