Bitcoin Mining and Gold Markets: Saving Millennials From Doom!

Bitcoin and gold — what would millennials do without them? As currencies like the euro and yuan continue to make life scary for young savers & new families, rare forms of money like gold and bitcoin may give millennials a fighting chance after all. Free gold: Free $10 of bitcoin:

Unlike government created currencies, Bitcoin is rare by design, the computer code that runs Bitcoin will only allow for a maximum of 21 million coins to exist. There’s no similar cap on dollar, euro, or yuan creation — they’re printed regularly.

And gold is rare by physical law; only so much gold metal exists on the planet, it’s very heavy, desired for jewelry, desired (and needed) for microprocessors and other special electronics… plus it never rusts, meaning longevity! Gold has been accepted by humans for thousands of years as a form of international currency. Today, rich people and governments mostly hoard gold, but that may change as now the ‘every man’ can access, buy, and store gold safely using BitGold or other leading internet gold services.

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Not financial advice – No warranties or guarantees provided – Offers/bonuses for a limited time only – Bitcoin is still volatile and can lose or gain in value quickly; gold is not government backed or insured and can lose or gain in value