Bitcoin Panel with Bitcoin Belle, Thomas Hunt, Stephanie Murphy, Joseph Salerno, Blank Anderson

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Bitcoin Belle is an outspoken, free-thinking advocate for self-empowerment and personal responsibility. She is the former co-host on the nationally syndicated liberty talk radio show, Free Talk Live and will bring her wit and insight to the bitcoin discussion.

Stephanie Murphy, PhD, hosts the award winning podcast Let’s Talk Bitcoin and has been a bitcoin enthusiast since 2011. She began her career in talk radio in 2009, hosting the nationally syndicated radio show Free Talk Live, and several podcasts including the popular Sex & Science Hour. Stephanie is also a voice actor whose credits include TV and radio ads for major national brands, numerous video narrations, and dozens of audiobooks. Stephanie volunteers at Fr33 Aid, a bitcoin-based charitable organization whose members provide volunteer first aid and health & wellness education. Her PhD is in biochemistry and she formerly worked as a research scientist.

Thomas Hunt has been active in bitcoin media since 2013. Hosting both MadBitcoins (a daily YouTube show about bitcoins) and The Bitcoin Group (a weekly roundtable discussion) and even finding time to co-found the World Crypto Network, Thomas eats, sleeps and even dreams in bitcoin. Thomas was recently named Community Manager for, where you can spend bitcoins on Amazon and receive a discount. Thomas is also active in the San Francisco Bitcoin scene co-organizing the San Francisco Bitcoin Social and the Buttonwood SF Trading meetups.

Joseph Salerno, PhD, is a bitcoin enthusiast who has been trading cryptocurrencies and market making since early 2013 when he began discovering unique arbitrage strategies using bitcoin exchanges, gateways, and decentralized order books. Salerno is also building a diverse research team of academics and entrepreneurs to explore ways in which bitcoin technology can used to bring financial services to those financially marginalized in Saint Louis. Salerno’s PhD is in philosophy. He is Associate Professor at Saint Louis University.

Blake Anderson is an information and computer scientist with a an educational background in math based security. Formerly an information technology project manager for encryption and cryptographic services for fortune financial institutions Blake now works full time with the economics and implications of the revolutionary Bitcoin protocol as a Cryptographic Economist.