Bitcoin people – Democracy is dead! Hail to the Blockchain!

Today we live in a society where governments have successfully brainwashed the majority of us through the invention of democracy. But people please understand that real democracy only works within tiny communities and only regarding the questions discussed and the specific subject put op for vote . But instead modern day governments use democracy to make it appear as responsibility is distributed and our leaders are enforcing the will of the people! And they have created an army of single moms, immigrants, unemployed men, government employees and private companies that work on government contracts and these failed gene-poles of losers are only motivated to wait for governments free hand outs or direction on what to do, instead of leaving them to creating real value that is funded by volunteers they fund this army of losers with stolen fiat money they create out of thin air to help the powers that be stay in power and we must understand most of the money created out of thin air are not given to the people at all.. but are instead used to finance war and killing of innocent people through various types of law enforcement solely with the purpose to steal more, constantly raping humanity of all honor and faith with one purpose only to enrich themselves and now with this current day modern democracy sadly these old families of kings and warlords can run the global elites institutions without ever showing face or taking responsibility for anything, as we are brainwashed into believing any mistakes are our own responsibility and that we can change things through democracy.. democracy which only offers us fake leaders always ready to suck a bankers cock or accommodate these old families that really are nothing more than warlords.

But we are on to these evil people now… and more and more are slowly waking up to the facts everyday… and they know it.. they know they are no longer looked at as saviors or heroes anymore.. and thus they will look to start wars by again accusing people left and right while building armies of losers ready to kill for money until the world is at its knees again.. at which point they will come to rescue as saviors, hero’s and provider of the right solutions. Solutions they have stolen with fiat money and the power of the military industrial complex who is really a global mafia and a threat to humanity. So please people let’s not give them the power to do this.. let’s once and for all get rid of these people that do not create any real value.. but simply brainwash the masses to enforces and distribute evil upon the honest man… they are the accusers without dialog or real solutions.. they are our real enemies. And they can easily be stopped if we stop allowing them to create money out of thin air.. And to this we simple need to put our faith in Bitcoin and the Blockchain and refuse to participate in anything evolving fiat money or gold… and bingo they have no way to finance their wars anymore.

So I have made a personal choice to leave this idea of democracy behind and I will now advocate the idea of an anarchistic society using decentralized trust as mechanisms to solve the problem of liars and thieves. This is something we have never tried before… and it has only now become possible with the use of Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology..

Let me know what you guys think about this idea ?

Thanks for watching !

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I wish to write a book about socialism in Scandinavia which I believe is falsely being used around the world to promote big government.