Bitcoin people – Has anyone ever experienced censorship on the internet ?

Unfair censorship does happen in the Bitcoin community and this is especially sad as Bitcoin is about inspiring and provide the freedom to choose and not being judged by a middle man… Isn’t that the point of Bitcoin not being judged by a middle man ?
So please friends stand strong in your beliefs and simply reject forums or websites that censor your posts for no apparent reason !
If it happens to you my advice is always stand strong in your beliefs and remember your only enemy is the accuser that offers no workable, constructive solution or dialog. Any such website or forum should be exposed, and you should tell your story in details with a copy of your original post so either you or the moderator has a chance to learn something.

And moderator’s If you are going to censor anything please make it very clear that your forum or website is moderated and censored and explain why it so.

In my opinion .. censorship is OK if its presented like a dress-code is in a restaurant that requests visitors to wear a suit and tie… this I can respect as I am told clearly in the door. But if you let me in, and let get seated and then simply ignore me, leaving it for me to figure out why the signs says OPEN outside and I’m getting no service when I am inside waiting to get served…. then f… y.. !!!!!!!!!!

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