Bitcoin people – Stolen gold finance governments military industrial complex.

Also as long as we accept stolen gold as payment our leaders will always have their guns to enforce their injustice.

GOLD ! A well-known “currency” and for thousands of years is has been a good long term storage of value…especially if we compare it with goods like wood, coffee, meat and other stuff that simple goes old over time. And certainly in Asia people understand it’s value, also in Asia it’s easy to trade as there is a gold shop on every corner. So it’s weird that In Europa and USA people will pay big money for plastic jewelry and not have any clue what the value of gold is. Personally if I had money to buy jewelry it should also be gold or silver as this would guarantee some return if I ever wanted to sell it. And I know for a fact that in some western countries their knowledge about gold is so limited that you couldn’t even buy a happy meal for an ounce of gold you would simply get rejected by the average citizens. Some people even view it as being “low class” to wear gold as jewelry which is total opposite compared to Asians that really loves their gold.

HOWEVER !!!!!! history has taught us that everything will and must changes, nothing stays the same and now with this new technology that the Blockchain and Bitcoin offers us I believe we will have a “new gold” that is Bitcoin. Which once it really goes main-stream will make gold a lot more unattractive.. at least that is my view.

REMEMBER!!!!!! in times of war your own governments and other thieves always steal the peoples gold. For people that trust their countries leaders and neighbors to respect their property I guess gold might still be good for long term storage if hidden well. Personally I would not like to carry around any gold in times of war!!
So you are warned they simply steal if from you in times of war…

Also as long as we accept stolen gold as payment our leaders will always have their guns to enforce their injustice.

WAR ???
But hey people.. there is no war on the horizon.. right ?….
Wait…. news just in : “Our governments are fucking us in the ass as we speak !!” And making plans of war with the simple purpose to steal our shit again including your gold if they need it…just wait and see ! … but don’t trust me, look this stuff up and educate yourself about this.

Hopefully our leaders can be stopped before WW3 begins!

I believe Bitcoin gives us an opportunity to take the power away from these sick and failed gene pools of thieves and big government with their military industrial complex including all the losers that support them.

Thanks for your comment.. I really appreciate it

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Advice on CROWDFUNDING anyone!!!!! – indiegogo vs kickstarter or something else ?
I wish to write a book about socialism in Scandinavia which I believe is falsely being used around the world to promote big government.
Also these bigger and bigger socialistic governments go hand in hand with feminism(yes I said it) which I want to write a book about.
Bitcoin can help turn down the volume of these failed systems as more and more funds are put in Bitcoin, money can no longer be stolen secretly via money printing… anyways that is my dream for the future. Anyone can donate Bitcoin and help me write this book !!!! – (or give advice on crowd funding) This book needs to be written!! but sadly I don’t have to funds to dedicate the time needed. I guess I would need around 4 month to write this book… also I might need some professional help from a journalist once I am done to make sure it’s readable for the masses..(this might take 1-2 month also and cost something) I want to write this book as I know it will get a lot of people’s attention which is why I started making YouTube videos. And it’s been fun so far but I need donations to keep going! I fucking love the internet !.. and together hopefully we can bring these failed government systems to its knees.