Bitcoin people – To succeed we must reject the illuminati and freemasons !

What if they one day Bitcoin was made illegal and governments label anyone speaking of any kind of decentralized currency a “Subversive Terrorist” or extremist allowing cops come to arrest you for speaking your mind or trying to develop technology outside their closed gardens.

Do you think this could ever happen?

Think about it.. some places you can be thrown in a cage and have your life destroyed for having the wrong plant in your pocket.

Have you educated yourself in regards to our current system of laws and punishment and do you understand how the FAKE, Fiat Currency System works ?.. If not I suggest you do some research, You-Tube has lots of videos about this. Try searching ” How Banks Create Money out of Thin Air”

Also do you know anything about the people who came up with the idea of this FAKE, Fiat Currency System? or why they created it ?

I will try to talk about this in this video

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