Bitcoin people – We can stop future attacks on Paris France, Russia and Syria

Can you look yourself in the mirror and say I don’t support war ? Or the current unrest in Paris, France. Who is financing this war and terror we see around the world between Russia, Syria and United States… it’s the big banks with their free fiat currency and stolen gold. Stop their tyranny by denying them access to this free money. Educate yourself about Bitcoin & Blockchain technology and understand that this new technology offers us an opportunity to finally take away their power to create war and manipulate us. If we start using Bitcoin the banks and governments can no longer print money to finance the endless growth of law enforcement and the military-industrial-complex which are not there to protect us my friends.. but there to protect and feed the bankster’s and greedy politicians who don’t give two shit’s about the free man. But “the times they are a changin” and they already know this and will try to start WW3 to cover their own asses.. We must reject these failed gene-pools and stop supporting them by allowing their fiat money to circulate and stolen gold to be traded. Turn your back to them.. and leave if you have too… but don’t take my word for it.. please educate yourself about this.

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Advice on CROWDFUNDING anyone!!!!! – indiegogo vs kickstarter or something else ?
I wish to write a book about socialism in Scandinavia which I believe is falsely being used around the world to promote big government.
Also these bigger and bigger socialistic governments go hand in hand with feminism(yes I said it) which I want to write a book about.
Bitcoin can help turn down the volume of these failed systems as more and more funds are put in Bitcoin, money can no longer be stolen secretly via money printing… anyways that is my dream for the future. Anyone can donate Bitcoin and help me write this book !!!! – (or give advice on crowd funding) This book needs to be written!! but sadly I don’t have to funds to dedicate the time needed. I guess I would need around 4 month to write this book… also I might need some professional help from a journalist once I am done to make sure it’s readable for the masses..(this might take 1-2 month also and cost something) I want to write this book as I know it will get a lot of people’s attention which is why I started making YouTube videos. And it’s been fun so far but I need donations to keep going! I fucking love the internet !.. and together hopefully we can bring these failed government systems to its knees.