Imagine walking up to your friends and borrowing a quarter.

No big deal… they hand you a quarter.

You look at the quarter for just a few moments as though you’re deep in thought… with each passing moment the anticipation builds.

Finally, with everyone focused on you… you bring the coin up to your mouth and take a bite out of it!

You wince, grimmace, and groan softly as your teeth cut through the cold, hard metal of the coin.

Your spectators can hardly stand it. This is like fingernails on the chalkboard times ten!

You look deep into your spectators’ eyes as you pull the coin slowly and cleanly away from your teeth. A large chunk of the coin has been bitten off. Your spectators can clearly see your teethmarks in the remaining portion of the coin.

And now, for the climax… you hold the coin about a foot in front of your face and spit the missing chunk of the coin back at your hand. The coin is instantly restored and promptly handed out for examination.