Bitcoin Q&A for Investors – Jerry Robinson

As price discovery for Bitcoin catapults it to over $10,000, interest and excitement is intensifying in the young cryptocurrency market. Long-time cryptocurrency investor and teacher-at-heart Jerry Robinson devotes this segment to helping our listeners better understand the emerging technology of the Blockchain and its promising future.

Host: Jerry Robinson (Christian economist, author, investor)
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Some of the questions answered in today’s broadcast:

– Is it too late to buy Bitcoin?

– Where do you think the price of Bitcoin will go in the future?

– Does Bitcoin fit into your Five Levels of Financial Freedom and if so, at which level?

– Can I trade Bitcoin like I trade stocks?

– What will happen to the price of Bitcoin if the market crashes?

– Why should I trust that my Bitcoins are safe?

– Can I just invest in a Bitcoin ETF instead of buying actual Bitcoins?

– What are some companies I can invest in to profit from a rising Bitcoin?

– Where can I buy Bitcoin?

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