Bitcoin READY TO MOVE!! Hinted By The RSI | Global Real-Estate Bubble [Bitcoin Today]

Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Crypto News Today: Is the Bitcoin price going to move now? We have been going sideways for a few days in the Bitcoin price. I use technical analysis in the Bitcoin chart to show you how the RSI might tell us that Bitcoin might move soon. Also, we are going to talk about the German real-estate bubble, and the rents in Berlin. Moreover, we’ll talk about the Swiss Stock Exchange going crypto with a new big crypto exchange for institutional investors. Want to learn more? Watch the video!


0:55 Bitcoin Technical Analysis
8:30 Crypto News (Switzerland)
12:03 German Real-Estate Bubble

Swiss stock exchange:
Berlin Real-Estate Bubble:
Berlin rent increase:
Base money:
Intrest rates US:
Intrest rates EU: