Bitcoin S7 Bitmain Antminers Elevated *Do not do this, see update*


After much feed back and research I have completely reconfigured my farm. Well actually it was that much work but to stay true to my channel, this is a journey and open forum with you my views as my guests. So I am leaving this up for you to see why this configuration is not a good idea and also place a link in the video to my new setup explaining the how and why I went with my new configuration.

***Please note, this video is no longer a means of a valid air flow configuration solution but rather a video on what not to do. Everything will be explained in the new airflow video link you will find in the video***

To solve an issue where my miners hot exhaust was blowing directly into my power supplies, I came up with this creative solution. It cost me nothing but 15 minutes of my time. This was a problem that I knew I had, but when a subscriber pointed it out, that was enough to push me into action. I appreciate all the feedback you guys and girls contribute , so keep it coming. Enjoy!!!