Bitcoin To $65000 – ETF Approval Explained !

Hello Friends ,
Here is the video link –

I know very well everyone of you is tensed seeing the market falling down for now a days and we all know our market only revolve around good news and if the good news is as big this ETF(Exchange traded fund) approval then what more one can expect .

For now the news is around that CBOE has filler for ETF approval from SEC and if this really happened we could see our dream come true that is bitcoin to $65000 in 2018 as well . For me i predicted it to go to $25000 atleast in this year but this news is like adding desert after the meal .

To know more about it pls watch the video complete so you know more about ETF and know why it looks like etf approval is near .

Sumit Kapoor
(Money Guru)