Bitcoin Webinar ~ 5 Things You Should Know About Bitcoin

Bitcoin Webinar – 5 Things You Should Know About Bitcoin ~
Learn what is bitcoin and how to own bitcoin and much much more!

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1) What is bitcoin?
2) What is its purpose and why it is valuable…
3) How to own some bitcoin – I will cover main locations around the world on how to get it
4) How to spend it
5) How are people using it as a vehicle to become wealthy, and the steps to get you started if this is something you want to pursue


Step 1: If you don’t have Bitcoin, first get a bitcoin wallet with and once verified buy your bitcoin from a bitcoin exchange listed below in exchange for your currency (location dependent):

Different exchanges around the world to get your fiat currency exchanged for Bitcoin:

Australia –
India –
Europe –
Asia/ South Africa –
Other –

Remember a ONE OFF $99.00 fee is compulsory for any pool(s) you decide to start with, so take this into account when purchasing bitcoin for your mining pool(s)

Step 2: Get a VPN if you are in the USA as this is required before you can enroll with Bitclub Network. You can get opera for free here:

If this doesn’t work you can try

Step 3: Use my Bitclub Network URL to enroll (you require a sponsor to get started):

Step 4: Use your bitcoin to pay for the one off $99 membership fee – this will be prompted right after account verification

Step 5: Get your mining pool(s) by going to your Bitclub dashboard, click ‘’Shop’’ and ‘’Buy mining Shares’’


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