Bitcoin Whales Did WHAT?!? 61% $BTC Owned by JUST 0.07%!!! Bakkt: Crypto Partnerships 🚀

61% of all #bitcoin is owned by just 0.07% of wallets! However, a new study reveals that crypto whales might not be as maniacal as we thought…. Bakkt says more crypto partnership on the way, $SNT fires 25% of staff, tZERO news, and more!

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0:24 Markets: Revain (R) 🚀
1:19 R.I.P. Tim May:
2:11 Bitcoin all time high:
2:22 CEO of Circle bullish on BTC:
4:18 US Chief of Staff: BTC is Good:
6:09 Who is to blame for the markets?
7:57 Who are the biggest BTC whales?
11:00 Overstock x tZERO:
11:47 No one bet against Morgan Creek:
12:25 The intrinsic value has not changed:
14:50 Bakkt CEO says more partnerships on the way:
15:29 Winklovoss not scared of “crypto winter”
16:22 Coinbase justifies listings:
18:26 🔥 DCG x Coinbase CONSPIRACY?!? 📺👉 
18:41 Roof kid arrested:
19:29 Ethereum (ETH) milestone:
21:21 Status (SNT) fired 25% of staff:
22:17 Vechain (VET) x BIOS Middle East:
22:56 High Performance Blockchain (HPB) Lunar nodes:
23:26 Lympo (LYM) news:
23:54 What’s the point of this article?
24:54 Brazilian bank issues stablecoin:
25:17 What are stablecoins?
25:33 Crypto Youtube PURGE:

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