Bitcoin White Paper Webcomic. Scott McCleod (r/Bitcoin #64)

10: During the cryptocurrency bear market, take time to educate yourself about Bitcoin and the blockchain. This book is a great place to start.

9: Vote by buying Bitcoin


8: Jack Dorsey’s Bitcoin integrated payment company Square surpassed Twitter (Jack’s other company) in market cap


7: Who said Bitcoin is too expensive? Thats 1.88₹ = 0.026$

6: number 1 post on /r/science is a bitcoin FUD article…

5: New York Regulators Rubber Stamp Bitcoin ATM’s

4: Bitcoin White Paper Webcomic. Scott McCleod


3: BISQ Decentralized Permissionless Censorship-Resistant Exchange Volumes Surging.

2: Apple censors Leading Bitcoin Podcast by Anthony Pompliano!

1: Andreas Antonopoulos – What the Future Holds


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