Bitcoin will break the market while the fiat dollar, gold & silver will collapse

Decentralization is the future… (OPEN TO READ MORE) It’s crazy how we still let governments and banks allocate(or steal) funds which they use to build more and more government with. This is an endless trend that needs to stop and Bitcoin has the power to stop big government. Big business and greedy government already know the value of Bitcoin and the Blockchain and are currently transferring more and more of stolen tax money into this new technology as they now see and understand that they have no choice in the end. They will not speak openly about this as they believe they somehow can control it and put it in a closed garden to tax and control. So I actually believe big business and government will finance Bitcoins rise with stolen tax money to keep the citizens out and make all the profit.. and thus also stay somewhat in control… But a change of guards and a new elite is rising an elite you can be a part of in the long run. My advice is get in early and be a winner in the long run.. or wait until you are forced to use Bitcoin anyway and continue being a slave.

NB. I am currently a nearly broke perpetual traveller and freelance web-developer
I wish to write a book about socialism in Scandinavia.. which I believe is falsely being used around the world to promote big government.
These bigger and bigger socialistic governments go hand in hand with feminism which I want to write a book about.
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