Bitcoin Zsats Faucet Free Bitcoin Satoshi Faucet Review ACTUALLY PAYS OUT, VERIFIED!

Bitcoin Zsats Faucet Free Bitcoin Satoshi Faucet ACTUALLY PAYS OUT, VERIFIED!

App Description:

With our new faucet you can earn Zsats (Satoshis BTC fractions) every 30 minutes by claiming on the main screen or by playing Jokenpo!

As soon as you have enough to withdraw, you make a request and get paid you bitcoin within 30 minutes!

With us, it’s easy to get to the minimum amount, and our payments are the fastest!

Have you heard of Zelts already? This internal currency allows you to make time go faster… so you can get even more Zsats (btc fractions)! All you have to do is watch premium videos on the Extras screen.

If you’d like, you can use the Zelts you earned on our Ethereum app on this Zsats (Satoshis) giving app! Zelts are shared between your accounts!

Keep in mind this is not a bitcoin mining app. You don’t mine bitcoin when using our app. This app is a btc faucet.

We pay free Satoshi to your account. No bitcoin mining is done with your phone when you use this app.

By using our app, you are not mining bitcoins, because we’re not a btc miner app. This Faucet gives free bitcoin.

To use our app, you need to be connected to the internet, and you must have an account that accepts cryptocurrency to receive your Zsats(Bitcoin fractions).

You can’t use ad-block or try to cheat on the app by any other way.

You can’t use more than one account on the same device. No services that duplicate the app on your device are allowed. If we identify the use of these, your account will be closed and your Zsats (Satoshis) will be confiscated (the ones we haven’t paid yet).

We’ll be happy to help if you have any questions: [email protected]