BitFury USB Bitcoin Miner – The most powerful USB miner available to date


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Big Picture Mining Cooperative is proud to announce the BF1 USB Bitcoin miner – the most powerful USB miner in the World: Design Engineer: Andreas Auer, Manufacturing: Kevin Madden, Firmware tweaks: c-scape, Factory testing: Kevin & Tiyo Triyanto.

This BTC miner will operate in a normal USB2 port without external power supply and is 7 – 8 times faster than anything else of its class currently available on the BTC mining hardware market. It is configured to operate with BFGminer and is completely plug and play.These items are now “in-hand” and ready for express shipment to worldwide customers. No more pre-pay, pre order bullshit for vapourware, At BPMC we understand these kind of sales tactics are bad for your Chi.

Send your order/enquiry request to [email protected]