Buy at McDonalds with Bitcoin!!! Wirex Cryptoback Visa Card ZERO FEES !!!

Wirex Cryptoback Visa Card:

Shopping with bitcoin has never been easier, nothing is off limits, not even McDonalds!

But with your own Wirex Visa debit card and bank account, you can do far more than merely shop with bitcoin, you can actually use it as an alternative to coinbase.

However, before you go wild and head off shopping for a Lambo, there are a few limits and fee’s that you’ll need to be aware of.

Listed below are “some” of the Limits and fees of a Wirex card:

(1) Maximum balance for your Wirex card is ~$10,000. But, there is NO daily spend limit.

(2) You have up to 3 Wirex cards, one for each financial zone (USD, GBP, EUR).

(3) Wirex cryptocurrency exchanges are FREE, fiat exchanges are FREE, zero fees on online and in-store purchases, the card is FREE to order but will cost £1 per month.

So I hope that you are feeling ready to order yourself a card and make good use of some of that crypto you’ve been HODLing.

Time to take that bitcoin shopping!

Disclaimer: I am not your financial advice and am not a financial advisor at all.