Crazy for Bitcoin Emike bitcoin activist exclusive interview

Exclusive interview with Emike, the bitcoin activist and enthusiast.

On the afternoon of November 30, 2015, in a suburb west of Chicago, I had a premonition. Whether it was induced by cannabis or was the universe channeling a message does not add or dissuade from the intensity or validity of what I felt. I have no history or diagnosis of mental illness and have never been charged or even arrested for any crime besides weed paraphernalia possession. A small voice from deep inside signaled witgin me that a great change was about to take place. I returned to my home and conveyed to my wife the feeling I was having and told her to get ready for a world changing event. Go bags and medical kit were promptly loaded into the vehicle. As a passionate bitcoin enthusiast and empath of trends, I felt that the time had come for a significant movement in the adoption and price of my beloved bitcoin. A look at the calendar reminded me it was the last day of November, and the last chance for a magnificent bitcoin pump in the month. Sources confirmed that China was prepared to significantly move the price. I entered Whaleclub teamspeak server, where I am a regular lurker; and found courage to not just speak, but to pontificate and extol the premonition I was receiving at the moment. Without tethered mic, I asked the room to begin recording and cried out at the top of my voice, “Remember, remember, the pump in November. This rally cry sounded not just over the interweb: but pierced the stillness of the afternoon and resonated through the apartment complex. I exited teamspeak and continued with telling my wife the glory that bitcoin was to become. It wasn’t long after that four police officers appeared at my residence. Someone had heard me and became afraid. The police were puzzled at why I would be so excited about the proliferation and rise of a little known currency and determined that while it appeared I wasn’t a danger to myself or others, I should still be examined by a doctor of medicine at the local emergency room.


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