Crypto Live Stream Sunshine Coast Blockchain Meetup – Mining Masternodes Bitcoin Trading

Recently was asked to speak at the Sunshine Coast Blockchain group meetup which occurs once a month. Focus was around mining/masternodes but was happy to talk about anything crypto. Recorded from Facebook Live stream 10th July 2018.

Sunshine Coast Blockchain Group –
Crypto Training Course, free group –
Masternode VPS Hosting –
#1 Exchange Binance –
2:30 60 card GPU Setup –
3:18 Antminer Startup loudness level
9:15 How to Build your own Rig –
9:26 How to setup Mining rig software (1 Coin as an example) –
10:50 Calculate Mining Returns –
16:54 Why I am still mining at break even/small loss on some machines
19:40 What’s happening with Bitcoin, Technicals and Fundamentals, Have we hit our bottom?
22:09 Masternodes and What are they?
How to Setup Masternode and all pre-requisites (VivoCOIN as an Example) –
How to setup Masternode VPS (VivoCOIN) –
27:00 Alqo Coin VPS Hosting –
Alqo Coin Markets –
28:20 Risk vs Reward on Mining vs Masternodes
31:38 How Much internet data does Mining use?
33:05 How to maximize mining profits if you are able to keep on top of news/new coins
35:20 Bitcointalk Announcements for new coins –
37:09 Careful with Links and Never give away your Private Keys if asked
38:20 Crypto Training Course, free group –