Cryptocurrency Bubble! Sold My Dash Masternode + Bitcoin on Bitfinex + Coinbase! Where to Invest?

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Why did I sell my Dash masternode when I said I was planning to keep it for a year? I sold it because the data shows what appears to be a giant cryptocurrency bubble now featuring the Bitcoin price as high as it has ever been. At the same time, there is an insane altcoin bubble featuring Ethereum and Ripple prices that are more then ten times higher than they were just a few months ago. Meanwhile, the price of DASH relative to BTC has been dropping since its high in March down to now less than half of what it was. What has kept the Dash price and most of the altcoins up is the Bitcoin price which could keep going up or could start a sell off as others realize the market has again gotten a bit ahead of the true value.

In 2013, the same kind of a bubble started where the price quickly went up nearly 10x in just a few months and then over the next year and a half proceeded to correct itself. We are just entering the same phase again which is why I sold and am holding USD as the prices likely decline for months to correct especially in the altcoins. Coinbase so far has been my favorite place to buy and sell Bitcoin. Would you like to earn $10 when you sell or buy your first $100 on Coinbase? Join over 141 of my friends that have already cashed in on this offer at

For Dash specifically, when I invested a masternode was $11,000 and was an exclusive feature to Dash which combined with the budget seemed ideal for long term growth. Since then, not only do new cryptocurrencies have all the features of Dash but I have discovered the ability of masternodes in Dash specifically to fund their own growth is limited with masternode owners frequently voting no on the majority of new proposals by new community members even when there are no competing proposals or established budgets at the same price. This nearly eliminates the value of the entire budget system and to re-balance my portfolio, I sold all my Dash given this new data point plus the overwhelming recommendations of everyone else in my life to do so.

While on May 16, 2017 I am fairly certain there is a bubble, here is the data for you to see for yourself.

Cryptocurrency Name. Price 1 Year Ago. Price Today.
Bitcoin $456 to $1716
Ethereum $10 to $88
Ripple $0.006 to $0.33
Litecoin $5 to $24
NEM $0.0015 to $0.11
Dash $8 to $86
ETC did not exist a year ago!
Stellar Lumens $0.0017 to $0.05
Monero $0.80 to $27
Steem $0.37 to $0.96

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