Day 1 Bitcoin Cloud Mining VS Bitcoin Loan Sharking – Bitcoin Cloud Mining Pools Compared

In this video I’m going to set the record straight, and provide some real numbers to show the ROI estimates from my first bitcoin cloud mining contract.

Today is November 27 2015.
(see followup video December 5 –

Yesterday I created a video where I bought 100 GH/S SHA256 ‘Lifetime Mining Contract’,

You can sign up with Hashflair – I’d be grateful if you clicked through my referral link below this video!

Normally $44.50, on the Black Friday Special 25% discount that is going on today and tomorrow.

I paid $33.30 USD, or 0.0974632 Bitcoin.

Is Bitcoin Cloud Mining Profitable? When do you get a ROI? How does that compare with lending your bitcoin and earning compounded daily interest?

I wanted the answers to these questions but couldn’t find them… so I decided to do the experiment myself and create a video that provides the details.

Bitcoin Cloud Mining VS Bitcoin Loan Sharking

Ok, here are the numbers.

I signed up yesterday and the initial earnings estimates are in:

Here is the Revenue Forecast on my 0.0974632 investment:

0.00067932 btc/day

0.00475524 btc/week

0.02037960 btc/month

0.12227760 btc/6 months

0.24795180 btc/year

According to the FAQ, this daily payout already takes into account the $0.01/day fee for maintenance and power.

0.00002790 = 1 penny today, when 1 btc=$357 usd (

Starting with an investment of 0.0974632

earning a passive

0.00067932 per day, we can estimate our profit compared to providing bitcoin loans – watch the video for a complete breakdown of the profit comparisons!

Black Friday 25% off –

You may be wondering Does Hashflair Work? Is Hashflair a scam?
These video reviews and comparisons of the best cloud mining services will help with demonstration and tutorials.