Day 4 Live Bitcoin Automated Trading Bot bitBull Trend Chaser Trade Report1 8.1.18

How to get your own bitBull for your Tradingview charts and automate you trades via api:
what’s the logic behind this:

BitBull ST. Trend Chaser – Opens [email protected]$7354 16x Leverage
bitBull ST. Master CS – Allows for High Leverage Trading and is $925 to access lifetime upgrades *payments plan available

bitBull ST. Trend Chaser CS – Allows for High Leverage Trading and is $625 to access lifetime upgrades

bitBull GG Great Gain CS – Allows for Lower Leverage Trading and is $350 to access lifetime upgrades Join and DM me to request access terms

Last 2 videos on How to set Chaser or GG for 100% profitability
**I mostly talk only in the 1st hours of any of my long videos

Here is a Link to another video where I useTtradingview’s trendline drawing tools to send API calls to my bitMEX account to trades safely:
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Deep Deposits: Getting Starting Calculating your TradeSize for bitBull video:

*bitBull Position Size Calculator for bitMEX for 17x Cross Leverage Liquidation (Goto 2nd tab
for Trade Results History)

***AutoView Chrome ext. to automate this BOT via Tradingview’s Alerts System:

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Now Available!! bitBull ST. Trend Chaser CS an Automated Trading Strategy Great for bitMEX bitcoin leveraged trading.

*Links to bitBull ST.Trend Chaser CS [Strategy] + [Alerts] 2 script:

*How to Get bitBull:

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*Do not try this at home. I may lose money. This video for professional training, documentation, and educational purposes. I am not a classical financial advisor although, I was trained by many who were.

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