DevCore Boston 2015 l Bitcoin + Standards l C4 + Bitcoin Foundation

#DevCore is a series of workshops set to host around the world for all developers interested in deepening their technical expertise to support the future development of Bitcoin Core.

DevCore Boston was our inaugural event held 15 February 2015.

Title Sponsor: Circle

Supporting Sponsors: CoinDesk and Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman

Lunch Sponsor: Gem

Hackathon Sponsor: Blockchain

Media Partners: InsideBitcoins, College Crypto Network and MIT Bitcoin Club


9:00 am Welcome & Introductory Remarks: Moving to the Mainstream – Patrick Murck
9:10 am What Satoshi Didn’t Know – Gavin Andresen
9:45 am In-Depth Q&A Session with Gavin Andresen
10:00 am The Internet of Value Exchange – Jeremy Allaire & Sean Neville
11:00 am Bitcoin Law for Developers – James Gatto & Marco Santori
11:45 am Open Discussion – R&D Goals & Challenges – Patrick Murck, Gavin Andresen, Cory Fields
12:30 pm Feature Presentation: Multisig Meets Hardware – Micah Winkelspecht
1:15 pm Talk & Book Signing – ‘Mastering Bitcoin’ with Andreas M. Antonopoulos
2:00 pm Bitcoin & Standards – Joshua McDougall, Patrick Murck, Michael Perklin
2:45 pm Quick Hacks – How to Build Developer APIs on the Block Chain – Cory Fields, Kevin Houk, Tim Lee
3:50 pm Closing remarks – Patrick Murck