Dormant Bitcoin Wallet Awakens After 9 Years! Market GOD Indicator Signals BUY?! $USDT Coincidence?

Dormant #Bitcoin wallet awakens after 9 years! But… why? $BTC strange $USDT correlation. Coincidence? Market GOD indicator, price vs network activity, Ethereum ProgPoW, Kakao crypto wallet, 2gether cryptocurrency cards, news, and more!

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Intro Credit:

0:58 Lightning Network Tippin Address:
1:42 Markets 〽️
3:00 Market God indicator:
4:41 DonAlt skeptical:
5:07 Is Bitcoin chasing tether?
6:39 Bitcoin yearly lows:
7:22 Bitcoin will replace gold:
9:02 Price vs network activity:
11:06 Dormant $BTC wallet awakens!
14:12 Celer Network (CELR) on Binance:
15:19 Ethereum (ETH) ProgPoW:
15:56 Ledger Nano X review:
17:52 Australian blockchain roadmap:
18:57 Citi cancels plans for Citicoin:
19:27 2gether crypto card:
20:20 Kakao to integrate crypto wallet:
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