Easy Ways to Get Free Bitcoin! (6 Different Ways)

In this video, I teach you ways to get free BTC! It is extremely easy, and can pay off well.
Things you need:
1) BTC Wallet Address
2) E-mail
3) A computer
4) A life (rekt)
I’m not showing you how to get these things, or how to register, since if you don’t know how to do these things, you don’t need to get free BTC anyways.

Links to the sites!!11!!!!

Coinbooster: http://coinbooster.io?ref=dab244ce

GiveMeBTC: http://givemebtc.xyz/?r=1Kuqw19RgCcdLNbgrN7sEytaH7FrCZJ7KZ

HabloxFreeBitcoin: http://habloxfreebitcoin.com/

epay Faucet Rotator: http://epay.info/rotator/681658

Ore Miner: https://ore-mine.org/?r=123964

Freebitcoin: http://freebitco.in/?r=1689486

My BTC Wallet Address (Send me stuff!): 1Kuqw19RgCcdLNbgrN7sEytaH7FrCZJ7KZ

Sorry if I’m not all that intelligible, I am a little sick and tired. This is also my first video with commentary. Expect me to get better. Also, there was like 23 takes before this, so show me some love and send me some BTC!

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