EB39 – Bastian Brand: The Intelligent Cryptoinvestor, Bitcoin Investment Whitepaper

Bastian Brand is an investment manager at Pathfinder Capital. Pathfinder Capital is a London-based Venture Capital firm that focuses on frontier markets and cryptocurrencies. He is also the founder of the Bitcoin Startups Munich group and was previously a consultant at McKinsey.

The episode focused on his comprehensive paper surveying the investment landscape in the cryptocurrency space. We discussed the advantages of buying bitcoins versus investing in cryptocurrency startups, the prospect of Bitcoin 2.0 projects, and his views on the different sectors of the Bitcoin industry.


– Pathfinder Capital: http://bit.ly/1wt2KI7
– The Intelligent Cryptoinvestor Blog: http://bit.ly/1wt2yZe
– Bitcoin Startups Munich: http://bit.ly/1ph0Cum
– Bitcoin Startups Munich Meetup: http://bit.ly/ZnbaCX

Show notes: http://epicenterbitcoin.com/039
Running time: 1 hour

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