EB55 – Daniel Gallancy: SolidX, bridging the gap between Bitcoin and institutional investors

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SolidX Partners CEO Daniel Gallancy joined us for a discussion of Bitcoin, institutional investors and how his company is working on creating a bridge between the two. While there is no question that interest in cryptocurrencies has risen dramatically – also among the financial elite, there is still a big chasm separating the two worlds. With Daniel we explore how it could be bridged, when it will happen and what the consequences could be.

Topics discussed included:
– How SolidX offers institutional investors exposure to bitcoin using Total Return Swaps
– The perception of Bitcoin on Wall Street
– The relationship between VC investments and direct bitcoin purchases
– If a derivatives market could undermine the security of Bitcoin

Links mentioned in this episode:

– SolidX: https://www.sldx.com/


– Gems: http://getgems.org/
– Shapeshift: https://shapeshift.io/
– Fairlay: http://fairlay.com/

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