Ed and Ethan’s Bitcoin Report 001 Anthony Di Iorio and Trace Mayer

The Bitcoin ‘Cast is BACK!!! Now, as “Ed and Ethan’s Bitcoin Report”, we team up with the Lets Talk Bitcoin network and KCAA Radio 1050 AM, to offer you a live production and boy are we having fun!

After introducing ourselves, we welcome our good friend Anthony Di Iorio, executive Director of the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada and Bitcoin entrepreneur. Anthony tells us about what’s going on in Canada and about the projects he’s involved in including Krypto Kit (www.kryptokit.com) and the upcoming Bitcoin Expo’ (www.bitcoinexpo.ca) in Toronto Canada.

After a quick break, we connect with Trace Mayer, Serial Bitcoin investor, Bitcoin entrepreneur, author and journalist. Trace was recommending Bitcoin, publicly, as an investment when a single Bitcoin cost just $0.25 USD. We talk about why Bitcoin is so revolutionary, how governments approach Bitcoin and why we love the technology so much. Check out Trace’s stuff at www.runtogold.com

We meant to ask him specifically why the URL isn’t “runtobitcoin” but we kinda ran outta time. Maybe next time.